Mahi-mahi has long been one of my favorite dishes. I first tasted it at Harvey’s Top of the Wheel Restaurant in Lake Tahoe. There they served it topped with toasted macadamia nuts. Delicious! Over the years I’ve developed my own recipe for this delicate fish. I have made it bothRead More →

It’s not always about Ma and how she cooks. While visiting Cody, Wyoming I met Rich Herman a chuckwagon cook with 2 Mules Chuckwagon. Rich shared with me his recipe for Dutch Oven Beans and Sourdough Biscuits and gave to me his permission to share the recipes here on More →

Typically a macaroni salad has elbow macaroni, mustard, mayonnaise and such. I’m always disappointed if I go in for the Mac and get the same old thing; Or worse, if it has been made with anything other than Real Mayonnaise. You can create a much tastier salad by changing upRead More →

This chicken dish is one of the most requested items by my family. I’ve been making it for nearly 30 years. It is very rich and very flavorful. Sooo good. The first thing you’ll do is fill a large ziplock bag with 1 1/2 cups flour. Mix in salt, pepper,Read More →

NOTE: The reason to sauté vegetables is so that they are not cold or raw when you bite into the warm omelette. TIP: Your omelette making experience will be much easier if you have all of your ingredients prepped, chopped and at your fingertips prior to cooking.Read More →

This is a great way to make Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches. Stepping away from the traditional stacked method, I’ve instead made a sandwich filling by chopping all of the ingredients. Summer is the perfect time of the year for this treat because we have fresh garden lettuce and tomatoesRead More →