This is a simple layered hot dish that is tasty and low carb. Here’s what you’ll need. 4 Carb Balance Flour Tortillas 1 lb lean ground beef3 chopped green onions1 chopped jalapeño (remove seeds and membrane)2 tablespoons chopped garlic2 tablespoons taco seasoningSalt and pepper to taste6 small ripe tomatoes (finelyRead More →

We love BBQ sauce but hate the sugar-filled calories. I came up with alternative recipe and it matches my original recipe in flavor without the sugar. Here’s what you’ll need. 3-4 Medium sized fresh tomatoes1/4 Cup finely chopped white onion.2 Tablespoons chopped garlic 2 Tablespoons chili powderFresh ground sea saltRead More →

This cauliflower is a great side dish. It is not your ordinary veggie. It has a stepped up truffle oil and jalapeño flavor. Tasty! Here’s what you’ll need. 1 medium head of fresh cauliflowerTruffle infused extra virgin olive oilFresh ground sea salt Course cracked black pepper1 jalapeño cleaned and cutRead More →

1 egg3 tbsp almond flour1 tbsp mayo1/4 tsp baking powder2 tsp water Whisk together all ingredients. Spoon batter into a heated Belgian waffle maker. Cook with lid down. Check after 4 minutes keep cooking until desired color is reached. Remove from waffle maker and let cool completely. Filling: Spread each chaffle with real mayonnaise. Pile high with peppered deliRead More →

Amazing pecan waffles without guilt. These keto-style waffles are delicious, rich and filling. Who knew we could eat like this and enjoy it? Here’s what you’ll need. 5 medium eggs separated4 tablespoons coconut flour or Fourish reduced carb flour4 tablespoon Splenda 1 teaspoon baking powder2 teaspoons vanilla3 tablespoons heavy cream1/2 cup melted butterChopped pecansRead More →

Oh yum! This salad is a really fresh and delicious. Simple is better! Here’s what you’ll need. 1 small cucumber1 small tomato1 salad onion1/2 cup Fresh SpinachFresh ground sea salt Cracked black pepper1 slice pepper edged deli turkeyTruffle infused olive oilTruffle flavored balsamic vinegarToasted sesame seeds Thinly slice cucumber andRead More →

This basic keto bread can be turned into different things. For this version I left it plain and enhanced it after baking. I sliced it and added butter, parmesan cheese and everything bagel seasoning and toasted it in the toaster oven. Here’s what you’ll need for the bread. 1 1/2Read More →

No measurements needed . Use as much or as little of the ingredients as you like. Here’s what is in the salad. Fresh spinach leaves trimmed and choppedFresh Roma Tomatoes cubedBrown Mushrooms slicedGreen salad onions choppedFresh Strawberries slicedFresh Mozzarella cubedRipe Avocado cubedPre-cooked cold smoked brisket cut in small pieces SlicedRead More →