3/4 cup sugar  1/2 cup milk  1/2 cup orange juice  1  large egg 2 tablespoons butter, melted  2 tablespoons freshly grated orange zest  2 cups all-purpose flour  1 teaspoon baking powder  1/2 teaspoon baking soda  1/4 teaspoon salt  1/2 cup chopped pecans. Mix in a stand mixer all ingredients except pecans. Fold in pecans. Spray a loaf pan with non stick spray. Pour batter into pan and bake in a 350Read More →

This is a great way to use leftover pork loin roast. Chop leftover roast into tiny pieces. Add your favorite bbq sauce either bottled or homemade. I used bottled here but you can find my homemade sauce recipe at www.cooklikema.com. Heat meat and sauce in the microwave. For the shellRead More →

This burger is rich and juicy snd bursting with smokey flavor. Heres what you’ll need . 1/2 pound lean hamburger4 slices smokey provolone cheesefresh ground sea saltcoarse black peppersliced white onion sliced crimini mushrooms2 tablespoons butterflour1 1/2 cup beef brothliquid smoke to taste2 slices of sourdough bread2 tablespoons melted butterRead More →

My friend Rosemary shared with me this great brunch dish. It is easy to make and is a wonderful addition to any brunch buffet. It can be prepped the day before and popped in the oven so that it is hot, fresh and ready to serve when you are ready.Read More →