Tender, delicious and a little bit of a kick .

Here’s what you’ll need .

  • 4 small tenderized round steak
  • 3 sweet peppers
  • 3/4 cup reduced carb flour
  • Fresh ground sea salt, coarse black pepper, smokey paprika to taste
  • Olive oil

I ran the round steak through the tenderizer 3 times to make it extra tender.

Pat meat dry with paper towel. Remove stems and seeds from peppers. Chop peppers into small pieces. Place flour, seasoning and peppers in a ziplock back. Shake bag to mix. Dredge each steak in flour/pepper mixture. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet. Shake excess flour from each steak but make sure some peppers are left on each steak. Add to hot skillet and cook on medium high. Don’t try to speed up process by increasing heat. Cooking on medium high heat will result on nicely browned crisp outside and tender inside.

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