Use leftover beef and left over yeast buns to make fabulous Hot Beef Sandwiches!!

On a recent family trip we stayed at a wonderful condo in Big Sky Montana. We cooked most of our meals but there were leftovers to bring home.

My contribution was a delicious and tender roast beef cooked in its own  au jus and several dozen Dotchie’s Air Buns (find recipe on I also took caramel rolls that I later made into bread pudding.

Today I used the beef and the buns to make the best hot beef sandwich I’d ever tasted.


Heat vegetable oil in a sauté pan and whisk in flour. Whisk until smooth and then let it cook until it turns brown. Carefully pour in some of the leftover Au jus and continue to whisk while you add water. Let it simmer to thicken. Season with fresh ground sea salt and corse ground black pepper.

Slice a bun in half and top with pounds of thinly sliced beef. Cover with a microwave safe cover and microwave for 2 minutes. Spoon the gravy over the open face sandwich and serve hot sprinkled with a little more corse ground pepper. Tasty!!

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