I cooked my first ever Prime Rib.
Thanks to my adopted son and best cook I know; Tom Indrieri I did it right. He talked me through it step by step. I prepared an 11.45 pound Prime Rib and served 8 people. Delicious!!

This is Tommy’s method. You won’t go wrong.

Rub entire roast with olive oil and season it liberally with kosher salt and a course ground pepper. This makes a perfect crunchy crusted roast.

Let sit at room temp for at least one hour prior to going into the oven.

The key to it is cooking at 250 degrees until it reaches 120 degrees then pull out of oven or BBQ and lightly foil it. Then turn up heat to 450 once it’s at temperature, put back in fat side up. And cook about 10-15 minutes to 130 degrees. Pull it out and let rest with it foiled tightly for at least 30-45 minutes… it should be perfect about 135-138.

Med rare and the ends will be Med for those that don’t like it medium rare.

For a medium rare, roast it 250 until 135 degrees and then pull out of oven. The trick to it being juicy is letting it rest for 30-45 minutes or even an hour.

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