Now This is Comfort Food!
Pork Chops ,
Mashed Potatoes & Corn

Pan Fried Bone-In Pork Chop

Sometimes we just have to have something that comforts the body.

My favorite comfort meal is pan fried pork chops with corn and mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum!!

I like to get the bone in chops. They shouldn’t be too thick but not skinny either. I’ve discovered that this cut is more tender than the thick cut boneless center cut chops.

I usually do four chops. You’ll want to coat the chops with flour that has been seasoned with salt and pepper. Sometimes I add a little Cajun seasoning as well. (I like a brand called ‘Slap ya Mama’).

The easiest and least messy way to flour the chops is to put the flour mixture in a ziplock bag. Add your chops, zip and shake.

In a large cast iron skillet heat about a 1/4 cup vegetable oil. When it’s hot, arrange your floured chops in the pan. Sear on both sides and the turn heat down to medium. Cover and cook, turning the chops until crispy brown on both sides. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

When chops are browned transfer them to a baking pan with a cooking rack. Cover pan with foil and put in the oven while you prepare the remainder of the meal. Set aside the skillet with the oil where you cooked the chops. You’ll use that to make your gravy.

For the mashed potatoes I like to use red potatoes. I usually quarter 4-6 medium small potatoes leaving the skin on. Boil in salted water until tender. Drain the water off but set aside the water for your gravy. Using the potato water in the gravy works great.

Add about a quarter cube of real butter to the potatoes (Remember always real butter). Mash the spuds with an old fashioned potato masher. Leave in a few lumps Add some heavy cream. Not a huge amount or you’ll get runny potatoes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

For the corn fresh is always best, but in out of season frozen works best. My opinion is that canned vegetables should not be served as a side dish. It’s ok for adding to soup or casseroles but not on their own. Fresh corn can easily be taken off the cobb with a knife before cooking.

I prefer to steam the corn. When ready to serve add butter, salt and pepper.

To make your gravy, heat the oil and pork chop drippings left in the skillet where to cooked the chops. Add 2-3 tablespoons of flour, stir with a wire whisk and cook until it starts to brown. Slowly add some of the potato water stirring the gravy with a wire whisk. Let the gravy cook down to thicken. You can add more water until you have the consistency you like. Salt and pepper to taste.

Scrap the bottom of the skillet to mix in any meat that may have stuck to the pan when making the chops.

Remove the chops from the oven. You’re ready to eat!

What You’ll Need:

  • Pork Chops
  • Flour
  • Salt, Pepper, Maybe Cajun Seasoning
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Red Potatoes
  • Butter
  • Heavy Cream
  • Fresh or Frozen Corn
  • Large Cast Iron Skillet
  • Kettle to Boil Potatoes
  • Collander
  • Bowl to Save Potato Water
  • Vegetable Steamer
  • Wire Whisk
  • Metal Spatula
  • Paper Towel
  • Large Ziplock Bag
  • Sharp Knife

This Is my Favorite Steamer

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