Grandpa Cliff Bowden and Grandma Norma Bowden
Grandma (Granny) Evie Stevenson and Grandpa Charley Stevenson
Great Grandma Nora Stevenson
Mother Bonnie Bowden, Aunt Creasie Dennis and Aunt Edna McCullough
My Mother and Daddy Bonnie and Jim Bowden with My Sister Ann and Baby Me

These people are my family. They were Depression Era folk who knew how to work hard and make do with what they had.
They were creative cooks and produced some mighty fine meals. I learned cooking skills as well as life lessons from them.
I’m proud to have come from this strong faith-based family.
They taught us well. Most of all we learned about family love, dignity and respect.
The abundance of good food was the bonus.


  1. It’s really cool seeing all the photos you have!

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