Crab Salad

Fresh homemade crab salad is delicious. You can buy crab salad at a deli if you like, but fresh homemade is far better and so easy to make.

In a large mixing bowl cut into small pieces 1 pound fresh cooked crab or imitation crab. After you cut it into small pieces shred it a bit with a fork. Squeeze onto the crab the juice of 2 large limes and mix well.

To the crab add 1 stalk of finely chopped celery and 2 chopped green onions. Mix well.

Stir in 1 small One-serving carton of plain Greek yogurt and 1/2 cup mayonnaise and mix well.

Season to taste with sea salt, fresh or dried dill, Hungarian Paprika and red pepper flakes. Mix well and chill.


  • I usually use the imitation crab. It freezes well so I can keep it on hand.
  • I like the Hungarian Paprika’s taste but any hot paprika will work. I rarely use plain paprika.
  • Its ok to use bottled lime juice. Use 1 tablespoon for each lime. If you use the little squeeze bottle lime, use the entire bottle.
  • This dish is great eaten as a side salad, but it also works well as a dip. I like to serve it with pita chips, but any thinner cracker would work.
  • If the salad doesn’t seem moist enough, add more mayonnaise a little at a time until it seems right to you. You may have to add more seasoning, but you be the judge.


  • Sometimes I add small cooked and peeled shrimp to the crab. If they are bigger, cut them in half,

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